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The Dulle Griet (“Mad Meg”, named after the Flemish folklore figure Dull Gret) is a medieval supergun founded in Mons (Bergen). Three cannons were founded: one resides now in Edinburgh and is called “Mons Meg”, and the last one was in France but disappeared ages ago.

Type: Bombard

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Location: Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp

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“De Dulle Griet” is located at Vrijdagmarkt, Ghent where Jacob van Artevelde is keeping his eyes on the café. Near the Vrijdagmarkt square there is an artillery piece from the 15th century, “De Dulle Griet”.

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Aug 02, 2018 · De Dulle Griet is a time-worn old-school pub, with a wonderful old Flemish interior. The selection of beers is impressive too, with more than 400 different special beers, both local & international.


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409 Reviews of Dulle Griet “The Dulle Griet can best be described as quirky. It’s table service and when busy this can be a litt” Gent, Belgium


Pieter Bruegel the Elder. ‘Dulle Griet’ (Mad Meg).

‘Dulle Griet’ (Mad Meg). Griet was a disapproving name given to any bad-tempered, shrewish woman, about which there are many Flemish proverbs: ‘She could plunder in front of hell and return unscathed’, ‘One woman makes a din, two women a lot of trouble, three an annual market, four a quarrel, five an army, and against six the Devil himself …

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David Teniers the Younger was also drawn to the image of Dulle Griet. Here, Meg is shown wielding a kitchen knife, the significance of this highlighted by Liz Lochhead who has pointed out that the knife is the most common weapon used when a woman kills a man in a domestic setting.

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Dulle Griet is a Dubbel style beer brewed by Scheldebrouwerij in Meer, Belgium. 3.59 average with 31 ratings, reviews and opinions.


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Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c1525-1569) is that rare creature, a painter who connects us not just with the high culture of the past, but with a lost yet recognisable stratum of folk beliefs, the culture of the poor, illiterate and unprivileged – that is the vast majority of people in early