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But Tantra yoga is also about more than just the asanas and yogic traditions. It also layers on astrology, Ayurveda, chanting, gemology among other techniques and mystical teachings. 3 Tantra Yoga Postures. A Tantra yoga practice is likely to include a vinyasa practice, flowing from one posture to the next.

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Tantra Yoga While most of us think of sex when we think of Tantra Yoga, this ancient practice is actually a powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra, and bandha (energy lock) and chakra (energy center) work that you can use to …

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Tantra Yoga is a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual: the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm.

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Welcome to WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® Los Angeles. Spend a day giving yourself a gift to fortify your spirit. White Tantric Yoga is a course to: Expand your spiritual awareness, increase your intuition and self healing. Meditate, breathe, and balance.

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The Temple of Bliss offers the highest quality of Tantra Massage Related Services with 25 years of established excellence in the Healing Arts of Holy Love. The purpose is to awaken and remember embodiment. Sessions for Men, Women and Couples. Groups and Workshops available.

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Tantra/ ˈtantrə/ is an ancient spiritual tradition within the whole of the Yoga system. It is taught to be as old as human consciousness itself, interweaving along with and through ideologies of Hinduism and Buddhism .