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Where prize money is won without a player winning a match in a tournament, other than in the World Grand Prix and Players Championship, NONE of that prize money will count towards these prize money rankings.

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129 rows · World Rankings | Seedings | Season Points Prov World Updated after the World Open. Top 64 at season-end is secured a spot on next season’s Tour. Those in green are safe with two-year cards. See also the official list at World Snooker. We have also stored the lists after each cut-off. ± = Change from previous ranking; S

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Aug 17, 1983 · Snooker world rankings 2017/2018 Snooker world rankings 2017\/2018: The professional world rankings for all the professional snooker players, who qualified for the 2017\/2018 season, are listed below. The rankings work as a two-year rolling list.

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However, the highlight of these rankings is Mark Williams who won World Snooker Championship and is now placed 3rd in the rankings. John Higgins who was the runner-up of this competition also benefited greatly as he …

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The snooker world rankings are the official system of ranking professional snooker players to determine automatic qualification and seeding for tournaments. They are maintained by the sport’s governing body, the WPBSA .

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Below are the updated WLBS world rankings following the 2018 Festival of Women’s Snooker. The WLBS world rankings operate on a rolling two-year basis. Points are added and removed in accordance with the cut-off dates, determined at the start of each season.

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The official world ranking list for the World Snooker Tour is owned and governed by the WPBSA and is used to determine seedings for future tournaments. A Guide to World Snooker Rankings Matt Huart’s full breakdown of how snooker’s world ranking list works and how to follow the key stories throughout the season. Snooker – World Ranking


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Rankings FAQ A Guide to the Rankings System in Snooker. First introduced in 1977, the world ranking list exists in order to provide a system by which players are seeded for tournaments on the World Snooker Tour.