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Mar 14, 2010 · Six, once you have played a few games with the RotV scenarios and you are familiar with the rules, grab the Swarm of the Marro rulebook from either the Hasbro site or Heroscapers.com. There have been some rules refinements and (please correct me if I’m wrong here Guys!) the SotM rulebook is considered to be the ‘current’ rules set.

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Skill(s) required: Dice rolling, Strategy

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MovementFigures are moved a number of hexes up to their Move number. Squad figures are moved in any order, one at a time. Setup Choo


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Jul 30, 2006 · Volcarren Wasteland rules/scenario book – 885.89KB Thaelenk Tundra Rule Book – 1MB Fortress of the Archkyrie Rule Book Ticalla Jungle Rule Book Marvel: The Conflict Begins Rule Book (included here to have them all together) Note: Below are the 1st and 2nd edition rules, these are outdated by the Swarm of the Marro Rules.

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If you enjoy HeroScape, the Fortress of the Valkyrie is a must-buy. This castle expansion is the most impressive addition of new terrain, by far, for the HeroScape game. It comes with 141 pieces, plenty to build a castle worthy of the Master Set.

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Schweppes Cup 2018 our Heroscape Tournament powers on through the deserted landscape of wasteland where three competitors and their armies battle to the end. Every minute there’s excitement so, if your enjoying the tournament make sure you subscribe and like the video .

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A: No. Abilities trump engagement rules, so the Macdirk Warriors may not attack their chosen Human Champion, even if it is controlled by an opponent. Marrden Hounds. Q: If I have 2 Marrden Hounds next to 1 figure, how many Marro Plague wounds can that figure receive in one turn? A: That figure can only receive a maximum of 1 wound.

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Choose from two Heroscape Master Sets and dozens of Heroscape Expansion Sets to wage a different battle every time! Beginners can play the Heroscape game in just minutes by the using the Basic Game Rules.