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If the info and find programs are properly installed at your site, the command info find should give you access to the complete manual. HISTORY top As of findutils-4.2.2, shell metacharacters (`*’, `?’ or `[]’ for example) used in filename patterns will match a leading `.’, because IEEE POSIX interpretation 126 requires this.

Man Find Unix

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find(1) – Linux man page

When find examines or prints information about files, the information used shall be taken from the properties of the file to which the link points, not from the link itself (unless it is a broken symbolic link or find is unable to examine the file to which the link points).

Man Find Unix

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find . -perm /220 find . -perm /u+w,g+w find . -perm /u=w,g=w All three of these commands do the same thing, but the first one uses the octal representation of the file mode, and the other two use the symbolic form.

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Linux and Unix find command tutorial with examples

Linux and Unix find command tutorial with examples Tutorial on using find, a UNIX and Linux command for walking a file hierarchy. find man page; A collection of Unix/Linux find command examples; George Ornbo is a hacker, futurist, blogger and Dad based in Buckinghamshire, England.

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Use the Unix find command to search for files. To use the find command, at the Unix prompt, enter: find . -name “pattern” -print. Replace “pattern” with a filename or matching expression, For more, consult the Unix manual page by entering at the Unix prompt: man find.

A large collection of Unix/Linux ‘find’ command examples

A collection of Unix/Linux find command examples, including combining find with grep to search for files and directories, using regular expressions and patterns.

How to run find -exec? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I’d like to find the files in the current directory that contain the text “chrome”. $ find . -exec grep chrome find: missing argument to `-exec’ What am I doing wrong?

You missed a ; or a + and a {} : find . -exec grep chrome {} \;
or find . -exec grep chrome {} +
find will execute grep and will substitute {} with the filename(s) found. The difference between ; and + is that with ; a single grep command for each file is executed whereas with + as many files as possible are given as parameters to grep at once.Best answer · 510
You don’t need to use find for this at all; grep is able to handle opening the files either from a glob list of everything in the current directory: grep chrome *
or even recursively for folder and everything under it: grep chrome . -R39
find . | xargs grep ‘chrome’
you can also do: find . | xargs grep ‘chrome’ -ls
The first shows you the lines in the files, the second just lists the files. Caleb’s option is neater, fewer keystrokes.13
Find is one way and you can try the_silver_searcher then all you need to do is ag chrome
It will search chrome in all files (include sub directories) and it is faster than find4
To see list of files instead of lines: grep -l “chrome” *
or: grep -r -l “chrome” .1
Here’s an example of how I usually use find/exec find . -name “*.py” -print -exec fgrep hello {} \;
This searches recursively for all .py files, and for each
file print(s) out the filename and fgrep’s for ‘hello’ on
that (for each) file. Output looks like (just ran one
today): ./
print “hello”
print “hello again”1

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