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Armenian English Dictionary Online Translation, Language, Grammar. Nayiri: Dictionary of the Armenian language, by Antranig Granian (1998) & Comprehensive dictionary Armenian-English, by Mesrob Kouyoumdjian (1970)

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Transliteration tables. Some Armenian letters have very different phonetic sounds between Classical or Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian, so that the usage of Armenian letters is different between the two sub-branches of the language.

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Դ d [t] (see Note 1) Ե –

1. The table is based on the phonetic values of Classical and East Armenian. The variant phonetic values of West Armenian are included in brackets but are intended solely for use in preparing references from West Armenian forms of …

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English > Armenian Armenian > English * Automatic machine translation can enable you to understand a piece of foreign text, but is rarely accurate or reliable and is no substitute for a human translator.

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The Armenian (western) virtual keyboard allows you to enter characters with a click of your mouse. It meets the ALA-LC transliteration … – Armenian Transliteration Service

Armenian Transliteration Service offers Latin to Armenian and Armenian to Latin tranliteration. We offer both Western and Eastern Armenian transliteration. How to use. Copy the desired text by choosing and clicking CTRL + C buttons of your keyword or right click and choose Copy option.

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Armenian Phonetic Keyboard Layout. Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Eastern Armenian; Armenian Transliteration. English / French script to Armenian Transliteration – Online, Latin to Armenian transliteration engine. Latin-Armenian Transliteration Converts Latin letters into Armenian and vice versa. Supports multiple transliteration tables and …

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Armenian – English ONLINE translator – dictionary in both directions. Choose a language from which you wish to translate a text and the translation target language and …

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