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Gung-ho / ˈ ɡ ʌ ŋ ˈ h oʊ / is an English term with the current meaning of “enthusiastic” or “overzealous”. It is an anglicised pronunciation of “gōng hé” (工 合), which is also sometimes anglicised as “kung-ho”.”Gōnghé” is a shortened version of the term “gōngyè hézuòshè” (工 業 合 作 社) or Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, which was abbreviated …

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Gung ho definition is – extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic. How to use gung ho in a sentence.

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Mar 14, 1986 · Gung Ho is one of those movies that you will want to see over and over again. Michael Keaton is put in charge of wooing a Japanese car company to come to his town thus creating jobs for the residents of Hadleyville.


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Our Living Language Gung ho is one of many words that entered the English language as a result of World War II. It comes from Mandarin Chinese gōnghé, the slogan of the gōngyèhézuòshè, the Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society.

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In other words, at its surface, Gung Ho is a funny movie, but underneath it is very philosophical.

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The Gung Ho Vids channel brings you videos highlighting U.S. Military • Weapons • Aircraft • Ships • Vehicles • Operations • Plus the men and women of the

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Destined to become a classic, Gung Ho! is a rare and wonderful business book that is packed with invaluable information as well as a compelling, page-turning story.