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Money tree plant care is easy and based upon just a few specific conditions. Let’s learn more about how to care for money tree houseplants. Pachira Money Tree. Money tree plants are native from Mexico to northern South America. The trees can get up to 60 feet in their native habitats but are more commonly small, potted ornamental specimens. …

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Mar 15, 2018 · A money tree plant benefits from quarterly feeding with a balanced, water-soluble or liquid fertilizer applied according to the package directions. Grown as a tree outdoors, the plant needs little pruning, except to remove branches that get in the way or are damaged in a windstorm.

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Increasing humidity around the plant can help. While it’s tempting to overwater a shedding plant, don’t. It only makes the problem worse. According to feng shui, money tree will bring good luck and fortune. No, your money tree plant won’t actually grow currency, but it is a good investment. Treat it well, and you’ll enjoy this delightful tree for many years.

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How to Care for a Money Tree. To avoid root rot, a money tree needs a sandy, peat-moss-based soil and a pot with good drainage. Although it likes humidity in general, you should let its soil dry out between watering. A good schedule for most environments is to water when the top 2-4 inches of soil are dry.

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Easy to care for, this fast-growing plant (which can grow up to 10 feet tall) will thrive in just about any home. Place the money tree plant in an area with bright, indirect light. The plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight for very long.

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Lunaria Annua Money Plant: It is a flowering plant which is also known as silver dollars, Chinese money, or Chinese coins, in French it is known as the Pope’s money (monnaie du pape), judaspenge in Denmark, and the coins of Judas (judaspenning ) in Dutch-speaking countries.

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Plant the money tree in rich soil with good drainage. A potting soil made for cacti with high pearlite content is ideal. Plant the tree in a pot that corresponds with the size plant you desire. Money tree plants will need to be repotted in a larger pot every two years. They prefer to be planted in areas with minimal sunlight.

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Care for a money tree plant by placing it in low or indirect light, creating a humid environment for best growth and watering it about every week. Snip off any yellow leaves, and lightly prune the plant for shape. Place a money tree plant indoors or outdoors in indirect light or shade. Direct

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The money tree is a perfect plant for this situation! As a succulent it loves hot, dry and sunny positions and thrives where other plants would burn and wither. The jade green, oval leaves are capable of storing water and are therefore able to withstand drought for prolonged periods.

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Mar 20, 2016 · For the proper care of the money plant we have to ideally keep it at a place which gets 3-4 hours of morning/evening indirect sunlight at least few times a week also to avoid the fungal attack the pruning of old leaves is required. 3. Do check the coco peat before watering . A plant will use different amounts of water seasonally. It should …

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